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Northern Lights Plant Sale

Hummingbird Lover - MN Native Pollinator Pak- 6 Plants

Hummingbird Lover - MN Native Pollinator Pak- 6 Plants

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It’s no secret—pollinator populations are struggling. The good news? You can help!

MN Horticulture Society teams up with Glacial Ridge Growers in Glenwood, MN to bring you six-packs of carefully selected perennial plants—most are native and all are neonicotinoid-free and known to attract and support specific pollinators.

This hummingbird pak contains one of each of the following 6 plants:

Ironweed; Vernonia fasciculata

Columbine; Aquilegia canadensis

Firefly; Heuchera sanguinea

Red Cardinal Flower; Lobelia cardinalis

Great Blue Lobelia; Lobelia siphilitica

Panorama Red Bee Balm; Monarda didyma






Photo Credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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