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Showy Goldenrod - Solidago speciosa - MN Native

Showy Goldenrod - Solidago speciosa - MN Native

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Showy Goldenrod adds a flourish of yellow plumes to the autumn landscape, blooming at the end of summer and into the fall. Typically around 3 feet high, they are not as aggressive as some Goldenrods, as this variety does not spread by rhizome.

Goldenrod is a keystone species in Minnesota. Goldenrods are among the top-ranked plants for supporting biodiversity. Late season flowers provide nectar at a critical juncture for pollinators, including Monarchs. The seedheads support both migrating birds in fall and local winter birds. And finally, they host gall flies - the larvae of which provide protein for chickadees and woodpeckers in the middle of winter.

Type: MN native perennial
Sun: Full-Sun
Height: 3ft
Soil: tolerant of any but prefers well drained


Photo Credit: Dseiver, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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