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Vinca Vine - Maculata Green - 4 in pot

Vinca Vine - Maculata Green - 4 in pot

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Vinca, also known as periwinkle, is a low-growing ground cover that forms a dense mat and even grows well under mature trees. The maculata variety has rich green foliage and lavender-blue flowers. Nice in a basket or container, as it spills over the edge. 4-inch pot.

Type: Annual
Height: 6-12"
Sun: Full sun to full shade - but won't like a hot/dry spot that gets direct afternoon sun
Soil: Average to moist (don't allow the soil to dry out)
Other: Deer/rabbit-resistant |

Photo credit: Salicyna, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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