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Zinnia - Zahara™ - Double Raspberry Ripple- 4" Pot

Zinnia - Zahara™ - Double Raspberry Ripple- 4" Pot

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The bedding zinnia of our dreams which became famous for its resistance to mildew and leaf spot, its nonstop blooms, and its larger flower size. This is a double-flowered pink variety that sports a dark pink stripe and lighter pink edges on every single petal. Double Zahara™ Raspberry Ripple Zinnia is just waiting to transform your sunny garden into a sea of merry candy tones.

These blooms are fully 2½ inches wide, and there's more of them—they pop up all over super-compact plants, drawing bees and butterflies into the garden. Larger 4"Pot

Type: Annual
Sun: Full-Sun
Height: 12-16''
Drought tolerant

Pot Size: 4''

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